A rich and personal narrative of Marthe Armitage - an eloquent voice in the realm of pattern-making and artisanal wallpapers

This book is a journey of rediscovery by Marthe of her work and ideas. It explores her creative practice and processes that have produced a collection of beautiful and distinctive hand-made wallpapers, much in demand. Original photography captures Marthe's archive gathered over sixty years of her life in Strand on the Green, her family home since 1939. Marthe's contribution to the world of pattern and print is set in context, alongside her own writing that expresses warmth and humour.
Please note that as of 30 September 2021 there are only a total of 57 books left.
The original range of wallpaper covers are sold out. 15 of the new range of wallpaper covered books are now available together with the 42 remaining limited edition books signed by Marthe

Book with Wallpaper Cover: only 15 left.

The original wallpaper covers are sold out. This is a new range of covers. If you have a preference for a particular cover please let me know by replying to the order receipt the system will send you once you complete your purchase. Please identify the preferred cover by colour: purple, light blue, red, or dark blue.

Limited Edition Book: only 47 left

The book with dust cover made from one of Marthe's early iconic designs now only available digitally printed which she has hand printed on the floor onto beautiful hand made Japanese paper specifically for this book and in an edition of 100: signed and numbered.